“We conducted a complete interior renovation of a 10,000 sq. ft. Upper East Side townhouse with Guido Rebosio as our project manager. He coordinated all members of a large project team consisting of owners, designers, laborers and subcontractors, and brought the project to completion at a very high quality level and without cost overruns, problems or disputes with members of the team. He was fully involved, with direct hands-on, during the entire project duration, and is comprehensively knowledgeable about all aspects of design and construction. We were so happy with this project that several years later we purchased an Upper East Side apartment, and then again we purchased 2 apartments in Tribeca that were combined. We turned to Guido to handle all aspects of these custom interior renovations. Again he produced wonderful results for us, working within our budget parameters and desire for very high quality finishes and workmanship. We recommend him unreservedly for any construction project.”

“We have worked with Guido for over 10 years. After years of frustration working with other general contractors, we met Guido and he has worked with us in a professional and personal level that is outstanding. He uses only the finest sub-contractors and demands excellence from each of them. His attention to detail is remarkable… we are totally trusting in his judgment and have given him carte blanche to make changes as he sees fit; however he always consults with us before making changes. He has our total trust and has keys and security access to our home. We are very fortunate to have him as a partner.”

“We worked together on a very modern triplex apartment project. This project was complex because of the finishes and detail involved. Guido was great to work with, and handled all the challenges with subcontractors with patience and great integrity. We were very, very happy with the result. If we were to do another project in the area we would unhesitatingly work with Guido again.”

“I have worked with Guido and his company for over 15 years on a wide variety of projects, both personal and business. His attention to detail, fierce commitment to project schedule, quality, and budget, combined with great communication, is a trait rarely found in the construction business. I am a commercial real estate executive that has over 30 years of experience, and I put Rebosio Construction on the top of the list whenever a project needs to be executed with attention to detail, is complicated, and requires great communication.”

“Guido and his crew helped complete work on our apartments at the Plaza. He also renovated another place of ours on the east side of Manhattan. He does excellent work and maintains clear lines of communication throughout all projects. If there is any work you need done on your apartment in NYC, keep Rebosio Construction Services in mind. Guido Rebosio is the best contractor in New York.”

“Thank you for sharing the photos of your newly delivered Gramercy project… congratulations to you and your entire team, as I know it’s not easy delivering a project! I see tremendous attention to detail in the photos. It reminds me, as a designer, how difficult it is to create contemporary, as there are no details such as moldings and trims to conceal errors or near misses like in traditional designs, which makes contemporary such a hard execution. You guys did very well!

“Rebosio Construction will most certainly be our first call for ANY sort of work we are in need of. If I didn’t express this before, I will do so now: the success of both our NYC projects was because of what you brought to the table by means of engagement, project management skills and an incredible drive to get it done RIGHT. We eagerly search for teams who have that philosophy!”

-Architect/Interior Designer
“I have known and worked with Guido in my 21 years as an Architect in New York City. His rigorous management, attention to detail and tireless work ethic are the basis for his exceptional skills as a builder. I look forward to a long-term relationship with Rebosio Construction Services.”

-NYC Architect
“I so appreciated having you there on our project and being on your team. I always felt like you were looking out for the best interest of the client and making sure they received the best project. Looking forward to reconnecting with Guido at Rebosio Construction Services.”

-NYC Architect
“It is incredibly refreshing to collaborate with a firm that is fully engaged and committed to the process of executing highly detailed and exclusive projects. Mr. Rebosio and his team have consistently proven their exceptional level of professionalism as well as their commitment to succeed in the accurate execution and timely deliveries of all projects they have produced for us to date. When one embarks upon a project, conceptualizing is quite easy, as things come together rather nicely and efficiently in our collective imaginations. However, when the execution of such projects become reality, there are few firms that take the united position of commitment as seriously as Rebosio Construction Services to ensure that what has been conceptualized is indeed what is produced and ultimately delivered. It has been a pleasure to collaborate with Mr. Rebosio on past and present projects and we most certainly look forward to future collaborations.”

-NYC Interior Designer
“Having completed two very significant and highly successful land based NYC projects with Guido Rebosio over the past 5 years, I must say that our team has learned to expect the utmost professionalism and an eye for detail that almost always exceeded our expectation. I am sure that Guido Rebosio and Rebosio Construction will become one of NYC’s finest construction management firms.”

-NYC Interior Designer
“I have worked on numerous projects with Guido and found him to be extremely knowledgeable and a true professional. His team was able to work and perform on the highest level and they completed complex projects on schedule and on budget. I look forward to working with Rebosio Construction on projects in the future.”

-NYC Building Manager
“In my thirty-five plus years of construction service in the highest end of high-in home building, never have I met someone so dedicated to this craft as Guido Rebosio. There is no hyperbole when I say ‘he is the absolute best’ in this business. Guido’s knowledge and ability to capture and execute the highest level of performance and quality in every trade detail is second to none. Additionally, Guido surrounds himself with only the sharpest and finest staff members and trade subcontracts in the industry. For those seeking the absolute best in home building, Guido Rebosio and Rebosio Construction Services LLC should be your first and final choice.”

NYC General Contractor
“Guido Rebosio, formerly of Bernsohn and Fetner, has started a new construction management/contracting company. You may or may not know that Guido was the driving force behind B&F’s success all of these years. He is a friend and I can say without hesitation that his integrity, reputation and attention to detail are unsurpassed. I’m telling you this because he’s one of a very few great builders in the city and you should know who he is. His pedigree & client list speak for themselves. PS: I have no skin in this game other than to see a good man get the recognition he’s worked hard for.”

Former NYC General Contractor
“I have been an owner in the floor covering business for over 30 years. One of the most important lessons I have learned is that working with a good general contractor can be the difference between success and failure. Having dealt with Guido for most of my career, I am confident in saying that there is not a more personable, knowledgeable or concerned person in the construction & renovation business. I’ve seen the way he treats each of his clients with the personal attention that one hopes for, no matter the size or scope of the work. Guido’s “hands on” experience in the many different skilled trades that each job requires has earned him the respect his sub-contractors and his competent and calming demeanor helps take all the worry out of the process. His attention to detail is nothing short of remarkable. I would highly recommend Rebosio Construction Services for your next project — you won’t be sorry.”

-NYC Subcontractor
“I have known and worked with Guido Rebosio for over 20 years. As an electrical superintendent for a large New York City Electrician, I have worked with many general contractors and construction managers and have never come in contact with anyone with more passion, professionalism, and knowledge of the construction business. Guido gives every project, large or small, the same attention and demands only top quality work from all of his employees and sub-contractors, assuring only the best quality workmanship for his clients. When looking for a high-end General Contractor or Construction Manager, the only company I would ever recommend is Rebosio Construction Services.”

-NYC Electrical Subcontractor
“I have known Guido Rebosio in a professional capacity for the past 25 years. We have worked together many, many times throughout the years. From my experience with him, I can attest to the fact that Guido is very hard-working and brings a high level of dedication and integrity to all projects that he is involved in. Guido is an honest, no-nonsense guy who gives his word and always stands by it. I look forward to working together again in the future.”

-NYC Subcontractor
“I have worked on numerous high-end residential projects with Guido over the past 20 years as a wood flooring subcontractor. He is a team leader that ensures that all aspects of the project are clear and adheres to a promised completion date. He has a strong sense of loyalty to his team and that in turn results in excellent results for his client. I highly recommend Rebosio Construction Services as the go-to contractor.”

-NYC Subcontractor
“Thank you for letting my Stone company know you have chosen to leave Bernsohn & Fetner. We are excited that you have chosen a path to build your own development company. My personal relationship with you in this business spans 20 plus years and in that time I have known you to be the driving force behind B&F. Your ability to control and work from and through all aspects of your projects, be firm, direct, know how to solve issues, and work with venders like us, indicates to me you will be a great success. My estimating department, fabrication shop, slab warehouse, and all our other staff remain at your disposal. Your future success is ours also. Good fortune going forward.”

-NYC Stone Subcontractor
“I have had a strong relationship with Guido Rebosio for over 15 years now. He is a man of his word and expects nothing but the best from his team. His services and expertise are second to none. Looking forward to the future with Rebosio Construction.”

-NYC Flooring Subcontractor
“We have had the pleasure of working with Guido Rebosio in the New York City High End Residential Market for the past 6 years. He has consistently demonstrated extensive knowledge of each project at all times. His ability to communicate the importance of each milestone of a project to both the Owners and the Subcontractors has remained professional and courteous throughout the years. This level of knowledge and management is not often seen. The attention given to each detail of a project with complete understanding of the Client’s vision are like none we have seen before. Mr. Rebosio has always given everyone the time and respect necessary to ensure the highest quality project for each client. His ability to schedule multiple trades, having full knowledge of each trade, and the respective scopes of work has proven to be a strength that can be equaled by no other.

“We have continued our professional relationship with Mr. Rebosio and his firm as he continually proves that the high level of management and personal knowledge of every project at each stage is far beyond those of his competitors.

“It is with the greatest confidence, and we are honored to say, that Mr. Rebosio is one of the most respected and qualified persons in our industry.”

-NYC Plumbing Subcontractor
“I started working with Guido in 2002 as a PM for a mechanical contractor in NYC. Over the years I have completed hundreds of high-end residential projects for many of the leading General Contractors in NYC Metro area. Guido is by far in a league of his own and has always been the most professional, knowledgeable and fair individual I have had the pleasure of doing business with over the past 15 years. No one in New York City can build a space the way Guido can with his hyper-attention to detail, coordination abilities and vast understanding of the construction process. A lot of what I have become as a construction professional is directly related to working with Guido and being challenged to meet his higher standards. If I ever found myself building a high-end residence in New York City, Guido would be the only person I would consider to manage my investment.”

-NYC HVAC Subcontractor